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There are basically two types of websites: static and dynamic. The information, or text, within a static website does not change automatically. In the case of a static website, a web company usually completes necessary updates for a fee. Your website essentially remains the same during the interim of these updates. The static website model generally suits businesses that primarily showcase services or products.

At MainSail Data, all of our websites are dynamic in the sense that you can update your website through a user-friendly editing interface. However, there are additional dynamic features available that update your website for you automatically. Dynamic websites utilize programming for automatic updates and/or user-specific content customized to your specific needs.

Dynamic programming is particularly necessary for user-specific information and e-commerce. For example, let’s say that you own a hotel. You would like for potential customers to easily view the types of rooms that are available on the specific date in which they are traveling. Bear in mind that a dynamic program utilizes information specific to you, such as the number of rooms you have.

A potential customer may select their traveling date from a particular page that transfers to another page listing room availability on the specific date or dates previously selected by the website visitor. The potential customer can also view information about the room, such as the number of beds within a given room. When the customer reserves the room, a notification is automatically sent to you via e-mail or SMS. The room which was reserved is automatically removed from the listing of rooms available.

Programming solutions vary from business to business. Bookstore, Online Banking, and Social Networking sites are only a few examples of websites that utilize dynamically-generated content. These solutions can also integrate with your Facebook or Twitter account – the possibilities are endless. MainSail Data has the technical expertise to create a solution that engages customers while minimizing your involvement.

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