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Hosting is a service that essentially houses your website. Each website requires a host computer on which the website files are located in order to appear publicly on the web. Hosting servers are computers designed for hosting only. Any given website is accessed by its respective web server via the internet. Large, frequently-visited websites require large servers, while small sites may share server space with other web sites. Web hosting service is available for a small charge that is generally incurred on a monthly basis.

MainSail Data is the home of multiple web servers, each built with security and high-volume storage capability. Because our web servers are in-house, we can quickly and easily set-up all the components necessary for your website to “go live” including domain name transfers, web hosting, and e-mail hosting. Our developers are not restricted in any way from today's technology. In the case that you already have an existing website, we can also seamlessly transfer your hosting service right to our web servers and begin performing search engine optimization.

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